How To Guides

How to Guides

Ready for homelearning but not sure how it all works?  These how to guides have been created by our staff to help you access our resources from home.  If there is something you need that isn't listed here, let us know and we will do our best to add it as soon as possible.

Google Classroom

Video 1 is an overview of setting up classroom on a web browser and mobile device.

Video 2 is a guide how to log in on a mobile device.

Parent Pay

Use this guide to find out how to order School Dinners for your child.


Use this guide to find out how to use our MyOn reading software at home.

White Rose Maths

How to access and use our maths resources at White Rose.

HWB Laptop Log-in

If you have one of our HWB laptops and are trying to access our Google accounts, here's how.

Google Meet

How to use Google Meet to communicate with a teacher during a parent consultation.

Accelerated Reader

Our Guide to our online reading program Accelerated Reader


How to access J2e from our Hwb platform

Classroom - Attach a photo

How to attach a picture of handwritten or drawn  work into a Google Classroom Assignment