In the world we now live in where education, work, shopping and play go on on-line, eSafey has never been so important.  At Alway Primary School we have been teaching our pupils the importance of being  good digital citizen and how to stay safe online as part of our ICT and Science and Technology curriculum for several years, so by the time your child reaches Year 6, they will be well versed in how to conduct themselves in the digital world.

ParentZone & Google

Charitable organisation ParentZone have teamed up with Google to produce some excellent resources for schools, children and parents, including a 'Parenting in the digital age' course and interactive educational game Interland by Google.  We recently had a live assembly streamed from Google and Parentzone, watch it here!

eSafety Centre

Our new eSafety Centre is now online and is full of resources to help you make the right decisions for your families.  From gaming to streaming, there is information for you.