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Croeso ir Dosbarth R/1KS

Teacher: Miss K Smith

Spring Term Topic: Dinosaurs and Bears


PE Day: Tuesday & Friday

Schoool Children make an 'Egg-Citing' Dinasour discovery!

When we were in forest school we could not believe our eyes… we found two dinosaur eggs.

Miss Smith and Mrs Laverick carefully carried it in their coats to keep them warm until we got back in school where we were given a letter from the Mommy dinosaur asking us to look after the eggs while she was working.

We worked as a team to make a nest for the eggs to keep them warm and make sure they were safe. We used sticks, leaves, grass, hay and straw because they were soft and made a really good bed. We were feeling scared and worried in case the dinosaurs hatched because we didn’t know if they were going to be friendly dinosaurs.


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